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  Asklepion School accredited by CMA (UK)

The Complementary Medical Association recognizes The Asklepion School as a prestigious centre for Unani Medicine training.

The Asklepion School of Tibb has been recognised as a Centre of Excellence by The Complementary Medical Association (The CMA). This means that we are proud to say that we hold full Training School Membership of The Complementary Medical Association.  This Membership is highly prestigious, and it demonstrates our commitment to the very highest standards of excellence in training courses – and our dedication to supporting you, as our Student.

When you successfully complete this course, you will be eligible to apply for Full Membership of The Complementary Medical Association and will be entitled to use the letters MCMA after your name. You can also join right now in The CMA’s Student Membership category and upgrade to Full MCMA Membership as soon as you graduate.

The Complementary Medical Association is the world’s largest and most highly respected professional membership association. The organisation has been established for over 25 years and they work closely with conventional medicine by sharing research and education to doctors about the natural healthcare field and why they should incorporate complementary medicine (as provided by qualified CMA Members) into their practices.

Furthermore, The CMA consistently liaises at governmental level to ensure your rights to practice. Over the last 25 years, The CMA has taken complementary medicine and natural healthcare from a cottage industry to the professional force that it is today.  This ensures that the public has access to a Professional Register of elite practitioners and outstanding training schools and that doctors and other healthcare professionals know that they can safely refer their patients to CMA Registered Practitioners.

  An historic day when Greek Medicine returns to Greece

“Open Day” Sunday 30th September 2018 at 10.00am. 

Come and see “History in it’s Making” at this historical event.

Find us from 30th September 2018 at:

The Asklepion Centre for Tibb, Dimofontos 11 Thiseio ATHENS 11851, Greece

Natural, cost-effective healthcare returns to Greece

Tibb is a total system of healthcare, based on the original principles of medicine originated by Hippocrates, Galen and Ibn Sina (Avicenna), the founders of present day medicine.

It includes the basic principles of modern clinical science, embracing both its theory and practice.

Tibb recognises the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual origins of both health and illness. It promotes the early diagnosis of possible predispositions to diseases, well before physical symptoms appear. This prevents these diseases from appearing in a more severe form.

Thereafter, treatment is integrative – combining various therapies in response to specific needs.

Tibb embraces a whole new way of looking at the body. It considers our health to be the result of a natural, harmonious balance.  It believes that our bodies have a way of finding the path back to health. Healing comes from within.  Recognition of this inherent wisdom to self-healing is essential in the treatment of disease and maintenance of health.

Dr Nazar Abbas joins the Asklepion Centre for Tibb

Dr Nazar Abbas, a most distinquished Professor and Doctor of Unani Tibb has joined the Clinical staff at the Asklepion Centre for Tibb.

He will offering consultations to out-patients in Greece and helping students with their supervised clinical hours.

Aligarh Unani Ayurvedic Medical College (February 2018)

During the visit to the Aligarh Muslim University in Aligarh, India, I was asked to give a short presentation on “Returning Greek Medicine back to Greece”.

First I spoke about the Asklepion on the Greek island of Kos, the birthplace of Unani Medicine. Here Hippocrates taught the “tempero-humoral” paradigm of medicine which was later developed by Galen and refined by Ibn Sina (aka Avicenna).

This holistic system of medicine was practiced throughout Europe until the early 19th century after which “reductionism” fragmented Western Medicine into various disciplines – orthopaedics, neurology, gastroenterology etc.

However, today the holistic approach of Unani Medicine remains one of the leading healthcare systems throughout the Indian subcontinent and parts of South Africa.

The Asklepion School of Tibb in Athens, along with the clinic (Asklepion Centre) seeks to revive Unani Medicine and restore to the European population a well established and cost effective healthcare system.

Reference book for the training or Tibb doctors.

The Ibn Sina Institute of Tibb is proud to announce the publication of its latest book titled “Theoretical Principles of Tibb”. The book provides a comprehensive overview of the philosophy, aetiology, pathology, diagnosis and treatment from a Tibb perspective. This reference book is aimed at medical professionals trained in Western medicine, wishing to integrate the principles of Tibb into their current practice. It will most certainly contribute positively to undergraduate students of Unani-Tibb.

In this book Prof Bhikha deals with the question as to whether Tibb is “A Science of Medicine or the Art of Care”. He describes it as a “Science of Medicine” because Tibb is based on the principle of cause and effect as described by Ibn Sina. He highlights that Tibb is indeed the “Art of Care” as Tibb provides guidelines and protocols on health promotion and in the treatment of illnesses taking into account the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of the human being.

The compilation of the book was initiated for the upcoming training of a part-time Postgraduate Diploma to be offered in Athens by the Asklepion School of Tibb, commencing September 2018. Another exciting development for the publishing of the book was the offer from Lambert Academic Publishing in Germany to publish and distribute the book internationally – under a separate cover. The book is available locally from the Institute for the South African market.

Book Reviews:

The author has made tremendous effort to collate information on Tibb in a systematic manner which will definitely benefit not only health care professionals from Conventional Systems, but also become a handy reference book for practitioners of Tibb”. Dr. Ghazala Javed, Central Council for Research in Unani Medicine (CCRUM), Ministry of Ayurveda, Yoga & Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha and Homeopathy (AYUSH), Government of India

“The work is excellent to put forth the knowledge of this centuries old medical science to the present medical world”. Prof. M M Wamiq Amin, Dean, Faculty of Unani Medicine, Aligarh Muslim University, India

“The book reveals philosophical aspects of Tibb, especially the concept of Tibb and holism, and should be of interest to anyone wanting to explore the history and philosophy of Tibb”. Prof. Hakim Abdul Hannan/Prof. Tasneem Qureshi, Faculty of Eastern Medicine, Hamdard University, Pakistan

“The beauty of this book is that in a concise manner, the basic principles, preclinical and therapeutic information, which was spread over multiple books, has been documented in a single book in well-organized and systematic chapters”. Prof. Shakir Jamil, Jamia Hamdard University, India; Former Director General of the Central Council for Research in Unani Medicine.


Taking Greek Medicine back to Greece

On Friday 10th November 2017 Prof Bhikha from the Ibn Sina Institute of Tibb and Dr Barrie Oldham from The Centre for Bio-Regulatory Medicine signed a Memorandum of Understanding, to establish The Asklepion School of Tibb,  for the training of Unani Tibb, (which literally means “Greek Medicine”). The school in Athens will commence in September 2018 with the offering of a Two (2) year part-time Postgraduate Diploma aimed at healthcare professionals with appropriate diagnostic and therapeutic skills. Details of the criteria to enter the programme as well as the structure of the course will be finalised before end December 2017. For more information refer to  https://www.unanitibb.org/school/

During the visit to Johannesberg and Capetown (5-12th November 2017) Dr Barrie Oldham, at the request of Prof. Rashid Bhikha, founder and director of the Ibn Sina Institute of Tibb in South Africa (www.tibb.co.za) demonstrated the use of Somatic Rebalancing Techniques to a group of Tibb doctors, Tibb students and medical students from a local Medical School. Hippocrates, one of the founding members of Unani Tibb said “Look well to the spine for the cause of disease”. Somatic Rebalancing Technique (SRT) will be taught as part of the Treatment Module in the 2 (two) year post-graduate Diploma course.


International Conference on Unani Medicine, Integration of Unani System of Medicine in Mainstream Healthcare, February 10 to 11, 2018, New Delhi – Guest Speakers


International Conference on Unani Medicine JCON-4 “Re-visiting Ilmul Jarahat (Surgery)” at Aligarh Muslim University, India, from 26th to 28th February 2018 – Guest Speakers

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